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Manchester United 1978 - 1979

Manchester United 1978 - 1979

When the 1978 – 1979 season began Dave Sexton had been in the manager’s seat at Old Trafford for just over a year. It wasn’t a particularly good time for United, gone was the attacking verve and cavalier playing style of Tommy Docherty’s United. In place now was a more safety first and conservative style for United under Dave Sexton. It wasn’t all bad though, Sexton did actually bring in some fantastic players to United, such as Ray Wilkins, Gordon McQueen and Joe Jordan. However 70’s club Greats Gordon Hill and Andy Ritchie, class forwards, were allowed to leave, increasing...

Dundee United 1979 Scottish League Cup Winners Shirt

Dundee United 1979 Scottish League Cup Winners Shirt

There’s been a football team in the Scottish city of Dundee since the 1870’s, back in those days two teams came into being at pretty much the same time in 1877, Dundee Our Boys and Dundee East End. Dundee was one of the first British cities to really embrace the game of football. Let’s have a quick whizz through this very interesting time in the city of Dundee’s history. Those two clubs would go on to join forces to become Dundee FC, United’s Dundee neighbours. A couple of years later, Dundee Harp came into being founded in 1879. The Harps...

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